This is what Victoria Beckham takes for beautiful skin

Victoria Beckham relies on a calibrated skincare routine to ensure flawless and glowing.

Everyone knows that Victoria Beckham loves to talk about skincare on her Instagram account. She has a luxurious face care routine but also takes these 3 food supplements for extra glow.

  1. Omega 3 fish oil
    Victoria uses this supplement to delay aging on her skin. It is essential for beauty, fish oil, rich in omega 3, helps to eradicate spots and signs of aging. Omega 3 essential fatty acids nourish the cells of your heart, changing the structure and appearance of the skin.
  1. Collagen drinks
    Victoria always looks young, thanks to the drinks rich in collagen. Inside small sachets: a mixture of marine collagen, vitamins B and C or omega 3 and 6. Once the collagen is absorbed by the body, it delivers its micronutrients to the cells, increases the collagen in the skin, increases its hydration, and the production of hyaluronic acid.
  1. Skin nourishment + restorative nourishment by Dra. Barbara Sturm
    Like many celebrities, Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of dermatologist Barbara Sturm’s products. Among them: Repair Food capsules, on the one hand, a concentrate of ellagic acid and boswellic acid and purslane with record antioxidant and nutritional properties. Skin Food, on the other hand, which is also based on purslane, the dermatologist’s flagship ingredient to prevent skin aging. The result is youthful-looking skin!

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