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Want to achieve glow from the inside out? One teaspoon of hydrolyzed marine collagen a day will help you achieve radiant youthful skin with less visible wrinkles as well as healthier hair, nails, joints and digestion.

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Beauty That Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Collagen is what keeps our skin elastic and looking plump, youthful and full of moisture. As we age our collagen naturally depletes, which we see in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as brittle nails and thinning hair.

Collagen is often called an anti-aging superfood because of its almost miraculous effects on the signs of ageing. It works by nourishing our skin, hair and nails from the inside, helping us fight signs of ageing.

The Beauty Shake’s range of natural ingestible beauty supplements based on sustainably sourced marine collagen delivers long term results and will help you achieve an ageless glow.

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I have recently lost 30kgs!

“This product is wonderful. I have been using it now for approx 12 weeks and the skin on my neck has tightened and the texture has smoothed. I have recently lost 30kgs and this product has made marked improvement s to my whole body. I would so recommend it.”

Maree W

I have seen excellent results!

“I researched a lot of collagen products before being recommended this brand. It is a fantastic collagen product. I have seen excellent results in my skin, nails and hair but particularly my skin. I use this everyday now and won’t buy anything else! Absolutely love it!!”


It works!

“Analysing my skin after 4 weeks of taking this fantastic product, I can definitely see and feel an improvement in the clarity and firmness of my skin. So easy to take.”

Heather M

Exactly as promised

“I love this pure collagen! It’s almost odourless and can be added to virtually anything. And the results are exactly as promised – my skin is amazing and my hair and nails are the strongest they’ve ever been. So good!”


Really starting to notice the difference

“I’ve been adding a spoon of collagen into my coffee every morning for the past couple of weeks and really starting to notice the difference in my hair, nails and skin. Would 100% recommend 😊”


It works!

“After a few weeks, I had people commenting on how good my skin looks – it was glowing. My skin looked and felt very hydrated. I have found my new favourite beauty product!”

Helen F