Jesinta Campbell’s breakfast includes oats made with almond milk, collagen powder and cinnamon.

Jesinta Campbell reveals her VERY healthy day on a plate after the birth of her daughter Tullulah – including activated oats, bone broth and plenty of greens.

She welcomed her first child, daughter Tullulah, in February.

And now footy WAG Jesinta Franklin (née Campbell) has revealed her very healthy day on a plate.

The 28-year-old model revealed this week how she starts her day with activated oats, followed by some nourishing bone broth and a vegetable curry for lunch.

While she didn’t reveal what she has for dinner, Jesinta has previously shared on her official app that she enjoys healthy brown rice mushroom risotto, grilled teriyaki salmon and shredded chicken phở.

She also enjoys the likes of a creamy green spirulina smoothie made with filtered water, a ‘detoxifying’ green juice, and a ‘healing’ hot cacao.

The stunner has also previously said that she likes to buy fresh produce at her local organic food markets.

Jesinta welcomed daughter Tullulah, four months, in February with AFL star husband Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, 33.

In March, Jesinta revealed on her app that she’d been trying out ‘the traditional art of postpartum belly binding.’

She said that she’d been exploring the practice with the help of her doula and rather than it being for ‘aesthetics’, it was to ‘support her body in the process of healing post-birth’.

She recommended to fans that they should use a $75 binder kit from Etsy, and said it was best to use organic and natural cotton muslin.

‘Once completed the wrap feels like a warm hug, with my body feeling so supported,’ Jesinta said on her app, adding that she had been getting her stomach binded daily.

Talking about why she was so interested in the practice, Jesinta said that the female body changes so much while pregnant.

‘The growth of our bellies and breasts are visually obvious to everyone yet the internal changes taking place to accommodate the growth of a little human are the ones not commonly spoken about,’ Jesinta said.

‘Our abdominal muscle separates, our uterus grow, skin and muscles stretch, our cervix dilates and our hips and pelvis move…just to name a few.’

She added: ‘It takes time for a woman’s body to heal and for her organs to return to where they were before baby.’

Jesinta said that new mothers should always check in with their doctor before getting the binding done.

She said that from her research, benefits can include a reduction of postpartum bleeding and fluid retention and it is said to help with abdominal separation.

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