Daily Addict: You bunch of little beauty pick-me-ups

Daily Addict: You bunch of little beauty pick-me-ups

We are well and truly into 2020. Your resolutions may be long forgotten, the post holiday glow you experienced on your first day back at work, also gone. It may even feel like it’s already time for your next break.  If you can’t get away, then carve out a few moments to take care of yourself again from the outside in and inside out. We’ve collated a little list of top health and beauty products that will help you get your sexy back.

La Mer The Neck and Decollete Concentrate
We’ve been told time and time again that moisturising stops at our boobs. Brow to boobs, that’s a motto no one has ever used in a marketing campaign (but they should). To help you remember, there’s a little – well no a lot, of luxury in the La Mer neck and decollete concentrate. This is an intensive and decadent balm thicker than the Le Mer you may be used to, and it comes with a brush.  It includes lime tea concentrate and Le Mer’s own Miracle Broth which includes sea kelp.

Everything made by Le Mer is understated perfection, no TV campaigns promising the world, but this one is no different and leaves an immediate improvement on the neck. The brush is a good indicator of how much to use, and over a very short period, by adding to your nightly routine, this product does make a difference to “tech neck”.  It’s not moderately priced, like the entire range and we do need to call it out…but if you’re in need of a pick me up, or want a product that does what it says it does, get this. $385

Keeping Up With The Kefir Kulture
Kefir-kombucha-kimchi – these and other fermented foods and drinks have been enjoyed for centuries because they are good for your gut. The age-old process of microbial fermentation transforms the starting food product and it can boost nutritional value, flavour and provide valuable live cultures for your belly. Kefir is nature’s probiotic.

The new Probiotic Shot, Tummify ferments authentic ancient kefir grains, tastes great – makes you feel good and it’s probably the only type of shot approved by your boss before work. $8.49

The hippest Rosehip Plus
This particular rosehip oil that is 100% pure and natural and cold pressed to ensure purity. This product tells us it’s  made from the highest quality rosehips sourced from the Andes Mountain Range in Southern Chile and we believe it. It’s free of parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, petro-chemicals, synthetic preservatives and fragrances – just the good stuff left that you’re happy to put on your face and body. Rosehip Plus contains essential fatty acids (Omega, 3,6,9) to keep skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking. Oils have been popular for while now and there are few on the market. Rosehip Plus feels nice on the skin, is good for all over coverage and is fine to sleep in. You will see an improvement and being so natural, you can feel a bit smug about it too. Totally reasonably priced, might as well shower in it. $19.95 for 30ml.

Shake, shake shake The Beauty Shake
Is a 100% pure marine collagen that has extensive research to prove its beauty benefits. The Beauty Shake also contains, protein, dietary fibre and prebiotics, which are magic little things that help the efficacy of probiotics. The range of pure marine collagen powders has no added additives, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives. The product tells us this means you are getting highly bioactive and bioavailable collagen peptides. Whatever that means, but i’ve been taking the product for two months and my hair is thicker and nails are stronger. Not sure about the reduction in wrinkles, that could be the oils, or the botox.

The other benefit is that collagen may help to heal the gut wall and I do genuinely feel as though my stomach is stronger – so eventually skin will glow with the inner health we’ve all been working towards, when we’re not drinking and eating, will show. It will take a few weeks to notice the improvement, but it will legitimately happen.  Chocolate and plain flavours are available. Mix into your breakfast smoothie or have as a mid-morning treat. $33.95

Jukebox in Natural Siberica
It’s the first Organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and flowers. A great range of products for bed and bath, hair, face and oral care.

All products in the range contain wild harvested herbs and utilise the power of some of the four adaptogens (plants that help the body adapt to different negative environmental factors) only found in Siberia (along with the jukebox).

We used the black cleansing butter that turns into milk when mixed with water. The charcoal seems to soak up the impurities in your pores and leaves the skin soft and supple. $29.99.

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